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Ayurveda includes herbal
medicine dietetics, body work,
surgery, psychology and spirituality

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Each capsule contains 400 mg Freeze Dried Powder of Guggul (Purified) 200 mg., Trifla 200 mg., Bach 50 mg., Tejpatra 20 mg., Vilayanti Imli 20 mg. Markandika 10 mg.


   The herbal way to reduce undesired fat & over weight.

   Arrests further accumulation and helps depletion of undesired body fat.

   Induces low calories intake and a liquid regulator in action.

   Guggul-the chief ingredient has anti-obesity action due to thyroid stimulating effect of Ketosteroids-which promotes catabolism of fat (Planta Medica -1984, P.110, 113).

Trifla Compound
Trifla Compound
Trifla Compound
Trifla Compound

Dosage : 1-2 capsules Morning & Evening with milk or fruit juice.


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