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Ayurveda includes herbal
medicine dietetics, body work,
surgery, psychology vand spirituality

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What other's Said About Dr. Akhilesh Sharma


"Certified by my personal knowledge that Dr. Akhilesh Sharma is a Qualified and Experienced Ayurvedic Physician. Dr. Sharma has worked on this subject and have good command on it. He can teach the subject well and explain it properly. I wish him Best of Luck."


By : Raj Vaidya
Brahaspati Dev Triguna
Padam Shree
Former Physician to President of India
16th Nov. 1995


"Dr. Akhilesh Sharma is a renowned Ayurvedic Physician and I have known him for many years"

By : Late Doctor K.L. Chopra
Father of New Age Guru Dr. DEEPAK CHOPRA

"Dr. Akhilesh Sharma is a Qualified Ayurvedic Physician, very popular Doctor with wide experience in Panchkarma Therapy. He has impressed me as a good teacher and research worker in Ayurveda with innovative ideas. He is very delight and enthusiastic young man of high morale and character."

By : Dr. J.N. Sharma
National Consultant (Ayurveda)
Assistant Professor A.I.I.M.S
3rd March,97


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