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International Ayurveda / Panchkarma Training program to be conducted by Dr. Akhilesh Sharma. This one month intensive residential training program is being held every year at  India.

Dr. Akhilesh Sharma will share the practical experience and knowledge of ayurvedic counseling and panchkarma treatments with the participants of this program, which deals with day today health problems to some serious health status like arthritis, asthma, obesity, neurological conditions, G.I tract health problems, beauty problems and much more. This program will also include hands-on practical training in various aspects of Ayurvedic / Panchkarma treatments.

At the completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of participation. Whether you are an Ayurvedic student, an Ayurvedic practitioner, teacher or simply an Ayurveda enthusiast seeking in-depth knowledge, this will be an unique chance for you to get meaningful and qualitative, practical training from Dr Sharma specially designed program.


Course Duration


One month (with six days a week training schedule, Approximate 150 hours)




This program is open for all, including ayurveda students, practitioners and teachers; alternative & conventional medical practitioners and massage therapists.

  Course Syllabus  

  Introduction :   Basics of ayurvedic principles


  Health Management through ayurveda :   Ayurvedic treatment for different health conditions


  Introduction to Panchkarma (Skill development program) :   Basics of Purva-karma, Pradhan-karma and Paschat-karma


  Ayurvedic Counseling, Diagnosis and Treatment :   Patient examination, knowledge of common herbs, formulations and their uses in home remedies. Preparing medicated ghee, oils. Traditional massage techniques.


Program Hightlight


  150-hours of practical training program.


  Hands-on, practical Ayurvedic / panchkarma training.


  Traditional massages with oil - powder, fomentation, Shirodhara, Shiro-abhyang, Shiro-basti, Netra-tarpan, Facial massage, Face packs, Gandush-kawal, Virechan, Different kind of Basties (for Vata dosha, obesity, colitis, I.B.S. and other G.I. problems, arthritis and many more), Nasya, Kati-basti, Janu-basti, nabhi-puranam and more.


  Guidance for vegetarian meals & lodging arrangements (optional)


  Weekend site-seeing in and around city, visit to Ayurvedic Herbal Garden, Ayurvedic manufacturing Unit nearby city (optional)


  Airport pick up and drop facilities on prior notification




The entire one month program costs Euro 1150, exclusive of lodging and meals.


For More Information Please send your query at  : info@ayurvedatoday.org


International Training Program In Traditional Ayurveda Massage
International Training Program In Traditional Ayurveda Beauty Concept


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